Radar for Speed Watch in your Community

  • Community Speed Watch Hand Held Radar Gun from Littlewood HIreDo you experience traffic speeds higher than you consider safe?
  • Have you discussed establishing a Community Speedwatch with your local Police Force?
  • Do you need to buy or rent hand held radar gun(s) to support your initiatives?

Rent - Hire - Purchase- Buy - Our Sports / Community Speed Watch radar guns can provide you with a simple, economic solution.

SpeedSpy Traffic Data Collection

If your wish is for unattended recording of traffic speed data, then consider the purchase or hire of our SpeedSpy equipment. The unobtrusive, nondescript SpeedSpy collects traffic data using Decatur Electronics radar and EZ-Stat data logger. Unlike the rest of Decatur's speed tools, the SpeedSpy is designed not to be noticed, so the traffic data you collect is unaffected and you get a picture of unenforced traffic patterns.

SpeedSpy Features:Speedspy traffic speed data logger from Speedwatch Community at Littlewood Hire

Service and Maintenance

We provide a service, maintenance, repair and calibration service for hand-held radar guns. We also sell tuning forks for your own radar gun basic checks.