The SR3600 Advanced Handheld Radar for Community Speed Watch

SRA3000 Hand Held Radar GunDesigned and manufactured to measure the speed of any moving object associated with sporting activities, but also vehicles, the sports / community speed watch radar gun (SR3600), is a precision instrument. It is designed to be used to measure speeds produced by fast moving objects such as car and motorbike and even up to racing speeds and much more. The only restriction is that the gun most be pointed at, or following, the action to be measured (or within around 10 degrees either side). Simply point the gun at the object whose speed is to be measured and pull the trigger to display the target speed. The hands free mode allows use of the equipment by a single person. It provides connectivity to an external LED display unit - which we can also supply - of varying size.


Long range version of the SR3600, able to measure typical ball speeds from distances up to 130 feet away compared with the SR3600's up to 60 feet. Vehicular speeds can be registered from much greater distances - up to 1000 feet - with both SR3600 and SR3800.

Service and Maintenance

We provide a maintenance, repair and calibration service for hand-held radar guns