The SRA3000 Budget Radar for Community Speed Watch

SRA3000 Hand Held Radar GunThis is our simplest model Sports / Community Speed Watch Radar Gun but which still gives top performance levels. Our SRA3000 can be used to measure the speed of most moving objects including all types of vehicle. The only restriction is that the gun most be pointed at, or following, the vehicle to be measured (or within around 10 degrees either side). It is designed to be easy to use and is also light weight for hand holding, though it can also be tripod mounted. To use it, simply switch it on, point it at the action and squeeze the trigger switch. It also has a continuous mode facility and a quick read facility . It can measure and display in either mph or kph, it has a long battery life and also has a feature allowing the recall of average speeds. The SRA3000 is a cheap but highly effective entry model for those new to speed measurement.

Service and Maintenance

We provide a maintenance, repair and calibration service for hand-held radar guns