The SR3600 and SR3800 Advanced handheld Radar Kit for Community Speed Watch

SR3600 Hand Held Radar Gun kit The heart of our kit is the SR3600 sports / Community Speed Watch radar gun. Our LED Display (8", viewable from up to 350') is connected to the gun's data port. The same data port can also be used to connect the gun to a laptop for recording of statistics.
Our kits comprises the 3600 Sports Radar Gun, together with an LED display, either 4" or 8" character size, and connecting cables, all contained in a hard case for maximum protection and durability. Tripods are an optional extra to facilitate hands free operation.

Optional items:- we are able to offer a 12" LED display which, like the 4" and 8" displays, can be tripod mounted. We also have an 18" heavy duty display. Please enquire for details.

The same kits are available with the long range SR3800 gun

Range of Displays

Range of displays for Radar Speed Guns from Littlewood Hire Group

Service and Maintenance

We provide a maintenance, repair and calibration service for hand-held radar guns